• 查米纳德大学提供哪些学费支付方式?

    Chaminade offers three payment options: lump sum, two payments or eleven monthly payments. 所有计划的第一笔付款将于6月1日到期.
  • 我在注册时需要支付什么费用?

    A $750 tuition deposit is due at the time of enrollment and is nonrefundable. 押金将用于支付学费. For new students, there is a one-time non-refundable new student fee due as well. 在公布的截止日期之后注册,将增加滞纳金.
  • 我还能指望什么别的费用呢?

    Parents can expect to provide and/or pay fees for class books and digital content, 实地考察旅行, 实验室护目镜, 大学先修课程考试费用, 制服, 和午餐. Other expenses can vary quite a bit and is largely dependent on which activities your student participates in. 这些费用可能包括实地考察等项目, 活动门票, 团队/俱乐部参与费, 特殊活动服 & 设备,等等.
  • 如果我付不起查米纳德大学的全部学费怎么办?

    We understand that investing in your child’s future through private education may be one of your largest expenditures. 为了帮助有需要的家庭,查米纳德有一个强有力的财政援助计划. Typically, one in four families qualifies for some level of financial aid.

    另外, there are student loan programs designed for private education, such as Sallie Mae. If you or a relative has established a section 529 educational savings plan, some funds may be withdrawn free from federal tax if used for tuition expenses at 查米纳德大学预科, 不过加州的州税可能会适用. Please consult with a tax advisor before using section 529 savings plan funds.
  • 关于学费的问题我可以联系谁?

    Our tuition staff is available to answer your questions, please contact them at (818)366-9284 or tuition@jilltokuda.net.



  • 我应该申请经济资助吗?

    First, consider the total annual cost of a Chaminade education as outlined above.  然后,计算你支付这笔费用的能力. 考虑所有的收入来源, 尽可能调整优先级和支出, 并审查可用的资产. If after this analysis you believe you can不 cover all of the annual cost, 我们鼓励你申请经济援助.
  • 申请经济资助会影响学校的录取决定吗?

    No. 审查入学候选人的委员会是“无视需求的”.” They do 不 consider whether someone has applied for financial aid as part of their decision.
  • 谁可以申请经济援助?

    Any student currently enrolled or new applicants for admission to Chaminade can apply for financial aid. 一般, aid will only be awarded for newly accepted students and current students enrolled for the following school year and whose tuition account is current.
  • 我可否以纸张形式而非网上填写申请?

    所有申请必须通过我们网站上的FACTS链接提交. If you are 不 comfortable with online applications it is suggested that you attend one of the Financial Aid Workshops. 有关资料可参阅我们的网页.
  • 如何确定财政援助补助金?

    查米纳德依靠FACTS (在线服务) in calculating the level of demonstrated need of each applicant based upon a completed application. 这些计算考虑了总收入, nontaxable收入, 资产, 负债, 家庭规模, 在大学以下收费学校就读的学生人数, 以及收入水平无法支撑支出水平的情况, 在其他项目中. Included in this calculation is an allowance for basic living expenses and taxes. The Financial Aid Committee reviews this data and will adjust the amounts based upon additional knowledge about your unique situation.
  • What documents do I need to submit in addition to filling out the financial aid applications?


    1. 你2023年所有工作的年终工资单. 这是2023年的最后一张支票. 如果你正在领取社会保险, 失业或伤残补偿, 你需要提交这些存根的复印件.

    2. 如果自由职业者, 寄送2022年国税局1040表的前两页, 安排1, A, C, and E if applicable unless this was previously submitted to Chaminade and Form 1120 for Corporation with 25% or more ownership.

    3. A copy of your mortgage statement, home equity statement or page 1 of your rental agreement.

    4. 有关子女抚养费的文件-法庭文件或核对副本.

    5. Support documentation for receipt of Cal Fresh, SNAP or Section 8 housing assistance.
    The above documents will be needed for all adults in the household and should be submitted directly to FACTS no later than 星期五,2024年1月12日. Additional documents 不 limited to credit reports and/or IRS tax transcripts may be requested at the time of review.

    6. By 星期五,2024年3月15日, 提交一份完整的2023年报税表或1099年报税表, 2023年联邦纳税申报表,包括所有时间表和商业纳税申报表, 例如企业的K1和1120. 这些都是直接通过FACTS系统提交的.
    It is recommended that you print the Document Guide and Checklist found above the FACTS link.
  • What if my tax return has 不 been filed in time to submit it with my aid application?

    It is recommended that you make an appointment with your tax consultant early in order to ensure your return is completed by 星期五,2024年3月15日. Tax returns must be received for your application to be considered complete and eligible for funding. All awards granted are contingent upon receipt and review of these documents.
  • 如果我的孩子在其他收取学费的学校呢?

    如果你的孩子在其他收取学费的K-12学校上学, the cost of their education is considered as part of the school’s review of your situation. If you are applying for aid from Chaminade, we expect you to apply for assistance at all schools. Any school using the FACTS grant and aid program can be added to the application you submit for Chaminade. In situations where one of the schools does 不 have a financial aid program, 申请中应附上说明说明.

    大学学费被认为是一项投资,而不是一项开支, 因为它通常用更高的未来工资来支付自己. 像这样, many families and college students will utilize federally subsidized loans, 以及学校可能提供的援助.
  • 父母离婚或分居的情况下会发生什么?

    不管婚姻状况如何, the school does consider both biological parents as responsible for their child’s education, 不管任何与之相反的法律主张. Therefore, Chaminade requires both biological parents to complete financial aid applications.
  • 如果离婚的父母一方或双方都再婚了怎么办?

    再婚的情况下, all adults in each household must submit their information in the application. 如果是继父母, their income and 资产 are to be included in the application and we will consider obligations a step-parent has towards his/her own natural children.
  • What allowances are made if one parent can不 be located or refuses to complete the application?

    查米纳德明白,有些家庭情况可能非常困难. 在这种情况下, 牧师可能会给查米纳德写一封信, 学校官员, social worker or attorney confirming that the other biological parent can不 be located or refuses to participate in any aspect of their child’s life. 写信人不能是申请人的亲属. 如适用,信件必须说明以下内容:
    • 另一位亲生父母下落不明.
    • The other biological parent has provided no support and has had no contact with the family for at least two years.
    • It is in the family’s best interest 不 to have further contact with the other biological parent.
    • Any other extenuating circumstances that the individual believes the school should consider.
    这封信应该直接提交给查米纳德大学预科, 财政援助办事处, 奥克代尔大道10210号, 查茨沃斯,CA 91311.
  • 可获得的经济援助有限制吗?

    While the school does have a generous amount of funds available for granting, there is a limit to the funds available and no guarantee that all demonstrated needs will be met. 为了保持它的玛丽安家族精神, 查米纳德大学通常优先考虑归国学生, 天主教新生, 是查米纳德现有或过去学生的兄弟姐妹的新生, 以及查米纳德校友的子女或孙辈. 另外, 我们只考虑被澳门澳娱乐最新版下载委员会评价高的学生, but also endeavor to award grants to families with varying levels of need in line with our mission to have a diverse student body.
  • Is the aid awarded for one year only, or for each year my child attends Chaminade?

    援助奖的有效期为一年. Families on aid must re-apply for each subsequent year they wish to receive such assistance. 虽然没有保证未来的援助赠款, 一般来说,一旦一个家庭获得经济援助, they will receive grants of similar amounts in future years unless their financial situation changes. However, students in the financial aid program are expected to maintain a 2.平均绩点为0,并保持良好的成绩.

    In cases where a family’s financial situation deteriorates, more aid may be granted. 相反, if a family’s financial situation improves or new information comes to light, aid awarded may be reduced or eliminated if the Financial Aid Committee deems such action appropriate.
  • If my family has an unexpected financial emergency; can I apply for financial aid after the deadline?

    We understand that sometimes a family’s financial situation can change unexpectedly. While funds are more limited for these types of grants, we encourage you to apply if needed. 如果申请晚了,请填写 电子邮件financialaid@jilltokuda.net 你正在提交申请. 另外, we encourage you to contact our Tuition Manager to discuss your situation and possible alternative solutions.
  • 截止日期后我还能申请经济资助吗?

    是的. The bulk of financial aid funds are utilized in meeting the demonstrated needs of families applying by the filing deadline. 但是,在截止日期之后,可能会有资金用于赠款. Thus, if you are truly in need, we encourage you to apply as we may still be able to help you. Late applications that are completed and submitted by April 15 will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Committee in May. Those submitted/completed after April 15 but before June 30 will normally be reviewed in early August. We encourage families to pay all required tuition payments pending 不ification of awards in case sufficient aid is 不 available.
  • 我什么时候能知道我是否获得了经济资助?

    Applications will only be considered if they have been filled out completely and all requested documents have been submitted. For new families applying to Chaminade with their financial aid applications submitted by the due date of January 12, 2024, 经济援助决定函将在三月初寄给你. Returning families applying for assistance by the due date should have a response by early April. For late applicants, please refer to the question regarding late application.
  • 如果我认为经济援助决定不够充分,我可以上诉吗?

    You may appeal the financial aid decision if your financial situation has changed or you believe the Financial Aid Committee may have misunderstood your current situation. 在这种情况下,您可能会被要求提供额外的文件. 请电子邮件 financialaid@jilltokuda.net 获取提交上诉的指示.
  • 我的家庭需要偿还助学金吗?

    No. 经济援助是补助金,不是贷款. 如果在未来的某一天,你的家庭经济状况有所改善, we hope you will consider making a donation to our financial aid program to help enable other deserving students to attend Chaminade.
  • 查米纳德提供奖学金吗?

    Merit Scholarships are open to all newly applying middle and high school students. This includes students matriculating from our middle school to our high school.  We seek outstanding applicants who have demonstrated academic excellence in their current school and outstanding citizenship and service to their community. Students with the highest demonstrated qualifications will be eligible for the highest amount of merit scholarship. Merit Scholarships can be combined with Tuition Assistance based on demonstrated need
  • 我的经济资助状况和信息会保密吗?

    The school takes seriously its responsibility to maintain confidentiality over all financial aid information and records. 建议您亲自将您的文件上传到FACTS. 如需税务核查,请填写 从纳税申报单上删去父母的社会安全号码. Chaminade must comply with any legal requests from courts or attorneys to provide documents. Parents are expected to keep their financial aid awards confidential and 不 discuss them with other families or teachers.
  • 如果我有其他问题怎么办?

    如有任何问题,请发邮件至 financialaid@jilltokuda.net.
Join us for a step-by-step review of the online financial aid application and the documentation necessary to submit a completed application. 申请经济援助不需要出勤. 工作坊不是针对校园的.  

请联络财政援助署署长刘小姐. 博·安德森,at financialaid@jilltokuda.net.

  • 2023年12月7日晚7点.M.
  • 2024年1月10日晚7点.m.
  • 2023年11月15日晚上7点
  • 2023年12月12日晚7点.m.
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