Equity Vision Statement

作为一所天主教圣母学校,其使命是激励年轻人 love, learn, and lead在美国,我们相信所有人都有与生俱来的尊严. 我们认识到教育的变革力量,也激励学生使用 同理心、知识和勇气 维护人权和社会正义.

天主教会断言种族主义是一种罪恶. As such, we uphold an anti-racist, anti-bias lens when administering school policies and practices to ensure they are inclusive to all of our community members.
欢迎来自不同背景的人是玛丽安主义热情好客的核心, and such expressions of acceptance and inclusion positively impact all individuals within a school community.
We implement programs that celebrate the full humanity and richness of the diverse identities, histories, and experiences of our community members by engaging in ongoing learning about the impact that power, identity, 特权阶层必须面对不平等,维护正义.
学生看到自己在课程内容和澳门澳娱乐最新版下载中的反映, so their social identities are affirmed as assets that lead to personal and professional joy, fulfillment, and success.
我们通过课程赋予学生力量, faith experiences, and student activities to develop social-consciousness and take action against individual and systemic injustice and violence, 包括仇恨言论和欺凌.
查米纳德教育通过教育使学生成为变革的推动者, empowering, 挑战他们成为当地和全球社区的善的力量.
“Marianist educational communities exist not only for the benefit of their members but also to change the world.”
Society of Mary
DEIB at Chaminade
查米纳德对DEIB的承诺植根于天主教, Marianist principle that every person is created in the image and likeness of God and possesses inherent dignity. Our 玛丽安主义教育的特点 allow us to live this commitment to DEIB through the following: our institutional structures, policies, and procedures; curriculum; co-curricular and extracurricular programs; and faith and service initiatives. 查米纳德教育学生,教师和工作人员使用的镜头 Catholic Social Teaching 探讨与司法有关的人权问题, diversity, equity, 以及影响我们学校、当地和全球社区的包容性. Human rights issues, 也被称为天主教社会正义问题, 包括但不限于种族正义, restorative justice, and environmental justice. These and other human rights are promoted by our Catholic and Marianist traditions to respect and protect the dignity of every individual.
    • Religions

“We work at the direct proclamation of the Gospel and also at the enrichment of culture and the transformation of society…[in] unity with those who struggle for justice, liberty, and dignity…” – 玛丽社团,生命法则72
让最完美的联合统治你们所有人. 我永远不会满足,直到我看到你们实现了“同心协力”的座右铭, one mind, and all things in common.’ – 祝福威廉·约瑟夫·查米纳德
Diverse & 以家庭精神包容社区

The Marianist Characteristic of Family Spirit at Chaminade is a way of life that provides a climate of acceptance and love for all people, acting as an extended family, nurturing growth, development, and personal responsibility. 我们的文化根植于耶稣基督的价值观和玛利亚神恩(由玛利亚为基督的使命而形成),我们欢迎所有希望丰富我们文化的人. 

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List of 1 items.

  • Racial diversity at Chaminade

    • African American/Black
    • American Indian/Native Alaskan
    • Asian
    • Caucasian/White
    • Filipino
    • Hispanic/Latino
    • 夏威夷原住民/太平洋岛民
    • Multiracial
    • Other and unknown
DEIB Initiatives 

遵循马里安主义的适应与变化特征, 查米纳德致力于培养学生的公平素养和理解能力, faculty, 和员工通过学校的DEIB计划. Chaminade has partnered with Catholic DEIB consultant Danielle Harrison to leverage our understanding of DEIB and commitment to aligning with our Catholic, Marianist traditions. As such, Chaminade has committed to important initiatives based on recommendations from a collaboration between the Board of Directors, Executive Council, Administration, 以及教师特别倡导委员会.


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  • Faculty and Staff Education

    Chaminade is engaged in ongoing professional development to help faculty and staff leverage the school’s curriculum, programs, 以及多元化原则的政策, equity, justice, and inclusion. This enables faculty and staff to facilitate social interactions with and among peers and students that are characterized as intentional, 注意影响与意图, and welcoming and respectful of the diverse backgrounds and experiences of all school members.
  • 学生领导与教育

    Chaminade is committed to helping students gain a better understanding of DEI and foster attitudes of respecting differences and tolerance at home, in the school, community, and world. 学生们参加了各种多元化、公平和包容的研讨会. Moreover, the Directors of Student Activities on both campuses have invited DEI speakers to grade-level and whole-school assemblies. 课外领导活动, 包括但不限于多元化团队和黑人学生会, have resulted in students coordinating with faculty advisors and administration to educate peers about issues related to DEI by presenting to students, leading roundtable discussions, and inviting guest speakers.
  • Institutional Review

    DEI的价值观植根于我们的机构文化和社区, 对推进发现和创新至关重要. Through our 爱,学习,领先战略计划2017- 2024, Chaminade recognizes and values the many diverse experiences and identities offered by each member of our community. These differences are strengths, as they afford us the opportunity to explore issues from a variety of perspectives to elevate our structures, policies, 对所有人来说都是公正和协作的程序.

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  • 教职工会议及工作坊参与(自2020年起)

    · Anchor Training for Teachers
    ·Marianist Social Justice Collaborative
    · Women and the American Story Ambassador Program through New York Historical Society Museum and Library
    · Equity in Catholic Education
    · The Balm in Gilead: Deepening our Understanding and Conversation about Race through the Eyes of Faith
  • 学生参与工作坊(2019年起)

  • 学生主导工作坊(2019年起)

    · Combatting Sexual Harassment
    ·微侵犯、种族主义和语言(BSU & Diversity)
    · Combatting AAPI Hate & Supporting the Community
    · Why We Still Need Feminism
    · Breaking the Stigma
    · Latinx Voices: Debunking Stereotypes: A Celebration of Culture (Hispanic Honor Society & Diversity)
    · In Search of Racial Justice
    · Race & Religion
Next Steps

Chaminade will continue to assess the ways our community is experiencing a sense of belonging and inclusivity to support our ongoing efforts to create a hospitable, inclusive, emotionally safe, 和基督式的学习环境. Based on the Climate Survey, Chaminade will focus on the following for the 2023-2024 school year:
  • Conducting adult focus groups to examine a wider range of input about current tensions around DEIB.
  • 审查招聘惯例,确保公平和无偏见的招聘环境.
  • 从文化敏感的角度审视纪律政策和程序.
  • 从种族和民族包容的角度审视当前的课程选择.
Information surfaced from the Climate Survey and Focus Groups will determine next steps for 2023-2024.

如果孩子们得到适当的帮助和爱, 他们自己可以成为和平缔造者, 一个博爱和团结世界的建设者. 用他们的热情和青春的理想主义, 年轻人可以成为成年人希望与和平的“见证者”和“老师”. – Pope John Paull II

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  • 我们为自己的魅力和价值观而感到自豪


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